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CMST 1: Fundamentals of Public Speaking: Books

A guide to help students with their informative and persuasive speeches in CMST 1.

About Books

Books are great for providing in-depth information about all aspects of your topics. This is a great place to find A LOT of information on your topic in just one resource. Remember that you do not have to read the whole book; just use the index to find the relevant pages for the information you are trying to find.

Use the search box to the right to type in your topic keyword and search.  You can also find this search box on our library homepage.  Once the catalog is open with your results, refine, capture by saving the link or checking out the book with your student ID, and finally, be sure to enter in the citation information into Noodletools or another citing tool.

NOODLETOOLS HINT: For books found using Worldcat, choose "Book" to create a citation in Noodletools.  Then, if it is an eBook select "Database" as the mode of access.  If it is a print book, leave on "Print."  If each chapter has its own author, make sure to cite each chapter or section you use.


Find Books using the Catalog

search. refine. capture. cite.

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