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Research Assignment

This is a research guide for students looking for information literary criticism as well as biographical information about authors.  You'll find suggestions for locating reference sources, books, e-books, and magazine and journal articles in print and Internet sources.

Definition of literary criticism

"Discipline concerned with philosophical, descriptive, and evaluative inquiries about literature, including what literature is, what it does, and what it is worth."

From "Literary Criticism." Britannica Concise Encyclopedia. Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2012. Credo Reference. Web. 10 February 2015.

Please contact a reference librarian if you need further assistance. 

Web Resources

Here are some suggested websites to help you choose an author, books, or genre for your project.  Please feel free to recommend other quality web resources to include.


Biography Database

Biography Reference Center

A collection of full-text biographies on notable personalities, past and present, from around the world, including actors, authors, world leaders, inventors, etc.

Ideas of Authors

Sandra Cisneros

Julia Alverez

Barbara Kingsolver

Isabelle Allende

Maxine Hong Kingston

Amy Tan

Toni Morrison

Alice Walker

OR visit the Library's Award-Winning Fiction Guide for more ideas.

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