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Suggested search terms for research topics:

1. City of Balitimore, Maryland - Uplands, Cherry Hill, crime rate

  •  Baltimore, Maryland, crime

2. "Separate but equal"

  • Plessy vs. Ferguson
  • Segregation

3. Life conditions below the poverty line in the U.S.

  • "poverty line" "United States"
  • "living in poverty" "United States"

4. The Bronx, New York, in the 1970's and 1980's

  • Bronx, New York, history

5. The effects of crack cocaine in the 1980's

  • "crack cocaine" 1980's

6. The Job Corps

7. Teen pregnancy in 1990's and today

  • "teen pregnancy" 1990's
  • "teenage pregnancy"

8. Life in a military school

  • military school
  • military academy
  • boarding schools

9. Langa, South Africa

10. The Apartheid

11. Wes Moore, the writer

Evaluating Websites

The quality of the information you find on the Web varies tremendously so it is always a good idea to check the information against another source. As with all information resources, whether in print or on the Internet, you evaluate its quality based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy (Is it free from mistakes and errors?)
  • Authority (What are the qualifications of the author?)
  • Objectivity (Is there any strong bias?)
  • Currency (Is the information up to date?)
  • Coverage (To what extent is the topic explored?)

That's just the basics.  Learn more!

Criteria to Evaluate the Credibility of  WWW Resources

Evaluating Information - Applying the CRAAP Test (CSU Chico Library)

Reference Books

Use encyclopedias for exploring background information and getting a general understanding of a subject:



Decades (Salem History)


Contemporary Social Issues

Social Issues in America

Library Databases

Use databases to find magazine and newspaper articles:

MasterFILE Premier

Newspaper Source Plus