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Basic Reader Non-Fiction: Eco-friendly

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Basic Reader Books about Environmentalism and Alternative Energy

Anderson, Dale.   Al Gore: A Wake-up Call to Global Warming.   GE56.G67 A53 2009   (48 pp.)

Bach, David.   Go Green, Live Rich : 50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth and Get Rich Trying.   GF78 B33 2008   (173 pp.)

Benduhn, Tea.   Energy for Today: Ethanol and Other New Fuels.   TP358.B38 2009   (24 pp.)

Benduhn, Tea.   Nuclear Power.   TK9148.B46 2009   (24 pp.)

Benduhn, Tea.   Oil, Gas, and Coal.   TP358.B38 2009   (24 pp.)

Benduhn, Tea.   Solar Power.   TK1087.B466 2009   (24 pp.)

Benduhn, Tea.   Water Power.   TC147.B46 2009   (24 pp.)

Benduhn, Tea.   Wind Power.   TJ820.B46 2009   (24 pp.)

Bongiorno, Lori.   Green, Greener, Greenest : A Practical Guide to Making Eco-Smart Choices a Part of Your Life.   GE196.7 B66 2008   (310 pp.)

Callery, Sean.   Victor Wouk: The Father of the Hybrid Car.   TL140.W693 C35 2009   (48 pp.)

David, Laurie.   The Down-To-Earth Guide to Global Warming.   QC981.8 G56 D38 2007   (112 pp.)

David, Sarah B.   Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Home.   TJ163.3.G36 2009   (48 pp.)

Dubois, Philippe J.   The Future of the Earth : An Introduction to Sustainable Development for Young Readers.   HC79 E5 D8313   (71 pp.)

Elliot, Henry.   John Muir: Protecting and Preserving the Environment.   QH31.M9 E55 2009   (48 pp.)

Furgang, Kathy.   On the Move: Green Transportation.   HE147.65 .F87 2009   (48 pp.)

Gazlay, Suzy.   David Suzuki: Doing Battle with Climate Change.   GE56.S8 G39 2009   (48 pp.)

Gore, Albert.   An Inconvenient Truth : The Crisis of Global Warming.   QC981.8 G56 G668 2007   (191 pp.)
Gow, Mary.   Rachel Carson: Ecologist and Activist.   QH31.C33 A42 2005   (128 pp.)
Grayson, Robert.   Ed Begley, Jr.: Living Green.   GE56.B44 G73 2009   (48 pp.)

Hall, Linley Erin.   Reducing your Carbon Footprint in the Kitchen.   GE195.H345 2009   (48 pp.)

Juettner, Bonnie.   Hybrid Cars.   TL221.15 .J84 2009   (48 pp.)

Lankford, Ronald D.   Junk Food.   TX370 .J862 2011   (128 pp.)

Lantier, Patricia.   Rachel Carson: Fighting Pesticides and other Chemical Pollutants.   QH31 .C33 L37 2009   (48 pp.)

Miller, Debra A.   Global Warming.   QC981.8 G56 M56 2009   (120 pp.)

Miller, Debra A.   Organic Foods.   TX369 M55 2008   (111 pp.)

Montez, Michele.   50 Simple Things Kids Can do to Save the Earth.   TD171.7 A16 1990   (156 pp.)

Phillips, Pamela.   The Great Ridley Rescue.   QL666.C536 P45 1989   (180 pp.)

Povey, Karen D.   Energy Alternatives.   TJ808.2 P68 2007   (112 pp.)

Rawlins, Carol.   The Colorado River.   F788 R39 1999   (63 pp.)

Sheehan, Sean.   Endangered Species.   QL83 .S54 2009   (48 pp.)

Sivertsen, Linda.   Generation Green : The Ultimate Teen Guide to Living an Eco-Friendly Life.   GE195 S55 2008   (248 pp.)

Venezia, Mike.   Rachel Carson: Clearing the Way for Environmental Protection.   QH31 .C33 V46 2010   (32 pp.)

Whitcraft, Melissa.   The Hudson River.   F127 H5 1999   (63 pp.)

Woodford, Chris.   Energy.   QC73.4 W665 2007   (64 pp.)