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Basic Reader Non-Fiction: Biographies

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Basic Reader Biographies

Alexander, Tim. Barack Obama: Hope for the World. E908.A79 2009 (62 pp.)

Anderson, Dale. Al Gore: A Wake-up Call to Global Warming. GE56.G67 A53 2009 (48 pp.)

Ashby, Ruth. Rosa Parks: Courageous Citizen. F334.M753 P3718 2008 (124 pp.)

Baker, James T. Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady E807.R48 B35 (203 pp.)

Bial, Daniel. Arnold Schwarzenegger : Man of Action. PN2287 S3368 B53 (112 pp.)

Bolden, Tonya. M.L.K. : Journey of a King. E185.97 K5 B595 2006 (128 pp.)

Bradley, Catherine. Hitler: And the Third Reich. DD247.H5 B69 1990 (62 pp.)

Bradley, John (John S. N.). Churchill. DA566.9C5 B66 1990 (62 pp.)

Brallier, Jess M. Who Was Albert Einstein? QC16 E5 B7339 2002 (105 pp.)

Brooks, Philip. Oprah Winfrey: A Voice for the People. PN1992.4.W56 B76 1999 (128 pp.)

Brophy, David Bergen. Michelle Obama: Meet the First Lady. E909.O24 B76 2009 (114 pp.)

Brown, Laaren. Nelson Mandela. DT1974 B76 2006 (128 pp.)

Bruns, Roger. Martin Luther King, Jr. : A Biography. E185.97 K5 B77 2006 (157 pp.)

Callery, Sean. Victor Wouk: The Father of the Hybrid Car. TL140.W693 C35 2009 (48 pp.)

Cannon, Marian G. Dwight David Eisenhower : War Hero and President. E836 C36 1990 (160 pp.)

Capaldi, Gina. A Boy Named Beckoning : The True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Hero. E99 Y5 M653 2008 (32 pp.)

Cobb, Vicki. Harry Houdini. GV1545 H8 C63 2005 (128 pp.)

Collins, Tom. Jane Fonda, an American Original. PN2287.F56 C6 1990 (176 pp.)

Cooper, Dan. Enrico Fermi : And the Revolutions in Modern Physics. QC16 F46 C66 1999 (117 pp.)

Crisp, George. Miles Davis. ML3930 D33 C72 1997 (144 pp.)

Dash, Joan. A Dangerous Engine : Benjamin Franklin, from Scientist to Diplomat. E302.6 F8 D2165 2006 (246 pp.)

Denenberg, Barry. Stealing Home : The Story of Jackie Robinson. GV865 R6 D46 1990 (116 pp.)

Ditchfield, Christin. Clara Barton : Founder of the American Red Cross. HV569 B3 D58 2004 (111 pp.)

Edmondson, Jacqueline. Condoleezza Rice : A Biography. E840.8 R48 E26 2006 (140 pp.)

Elliot, Henry. John Muir: Protecting and Preserving the Environment. QH31.M9 E55 2009 (48 pp.)

Etingoff, Kim. Women Who Buildt Our Scientific Foundations. Q141 E75 2014 (64 pp.)

Fortey, Jacqueline. Great Scientists. Q141 F67 2007 (72 pp.)

Fox, Mary Virginia. Edwin Hubble : American Astronomer. QB36 H83 F69 1997 (112 pp.)

Fradin, Dennis B. Who Was Sacagawea? F592.7 S123 F735 2002 (107 pp.)

Fradin, Dennis B. Who Was Thomas Jefferson? E332.79 F73 2003 (103 pp.)

Freedman, Russell. Lincoln : A Photobiography Lincoln. E457.905 F73 1987 (150 pp.)

Freedman, Russell. A Voice that Changed a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights. ML3930.A5 F73 2004 (114 pp.)

Garrett, Leslie. Helen Keller : [A Photographic Story of a Life]. HV1624 K4 G37 2004 (127 pp.)

Gazlay, Suzy. David Suzuki: Doing Battle with Climate Change. GE56.S8 G39 2009 (48 pp.)

Gigliotti, Jim. Jesse Owens: A Gold Medal Hero. GV 697 .O9 G55 2010 (124 pp.)

Gottfried, Ted. Eleanor Roosevelt : First Lady of the Twentieth Century. E807.1 R48 G67 1997 (111 pp.)

Gottfried, Ted. Steven Spielberg : From Reels to Riches. PN1998.3 S65 G68 2000 (128 pp.)

Gourse, Leslie. Gloria Estefan : Pop Sensation. ML3930 E85 G68 2000 (112 p.)

Gourse, Leslie. Wynton Marsalis : Trumpet Genius. ML3930 M327 G68 1999 (112 pp.)

Gow, Mary. Rachel Carson: Ecologist and Activist. QH31.C33 A42 2005 (128 pp.)

Grayson, Robert. Ed Begley, Jr.: Living Greeen. GE56.B44 G73 2009 (48 pp.)

Greene, Meg. Billie Holiday : A Biography. ML420 H58 G68 2007 (122 pp.)

Hampton, Wilborn. Elvis Presley : A Twentieth Century Life. ML3930 P73 H35 2008 (197 pp.)

Hansen, Joyce. Bury Me Not in a Land of Slaves : African-Americans in the Time of Reconstruction. E185.2 H32 2000 (160 pp.)

Harik, Ramsay M. Jesus of Nazareth : Teacher and Prophet. BT302 H25 2001 (128 pp.)

Hoose, Phillip. Claudette Colvin: Twice toward Justice. F334.M753 C6554 2009 (133 pp.)

Hort, Lenny. George Washington. E312.66 H67 2005 (128 pp.)

Huynh, Quang Nhuong. The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam. DS559.92 C46 H88 1982 (115 pp.)

Ishii, Takeyuki. One Thousand Paper Cranes : The Story of Sadako and the Children’s Peace Statue. RJ416 L4 C65 2001 (97 pp.)

Jones, Victoria Garrett. Marian Anderson: A Voice Uplifted. ML3930.A5 J66 2008 (124 pp.)

Kaplan, Howard S. John F. Kennedy. E842 Z9 K37 2004 (127 pp.)

Kellaher, Karen. Rosa Parks : Civil Rights Pioneer. F334 M753 P3864 2007 (44 pp.)

Kent, Deborah. Frida Kahlo: An Artist Celebrates Life. ND259.K33 K46 2004 (40 pp.)

Koslow, Philip. John Hancock : A Signature Life. E302.6 H23 K67 1998 (112 pp.)

Krensky, Stephen. Benjamin Franklin. E302.6 F8 K917 2008 (128 pp.)

Krensky, Stephen. Barack Obama. E908 . K74 2010 (128 pp.)

Lantier, Patricia. Rachel Carson: Fighting Pesticides and other Chemical Pollutants. QH31 .C33 L37 2009 (48 pp.)

Mara, Wil. Thurgood Marshall : Champion for Civil Rights. KF8745 M34 M37 2004 (125 pp.)

McClafferty, Carla Killough. Something Out of Nothing : Marie Curie and Radium. QD22 C8 M25 2006 (134 pp.)

McDaniel, Melissa. Spike Lee : On His Own Terms. PN1998.3 L44 M33 1998 (96 pp.)

McDaniel, Melissa. W.E.B. DuBois : Scholar and Civil Rights Activist. E185.97 D73 M43 1999 (96 pp.)

McDonough, Yona Zeldis. Who Was Rosa Parks? F334 .M753 P385545 2010 (106 pp.)

McMullan, Kate. The Story of Harriet Tubman : Conductor of the Underground Railroad. E444 T82 M38 1992 (108 pp.)

Moss, Marissa. Sky High: The True Story of Maggie Gee. D790.5 .M67 2009 (unpaged)

Neimark, Anne E. Up Close : Johnny Cash. ML3930 C27 N45 2007 (207 pp.)

Newman, Gerald. Martha Graham : Founder of Modern Dance. GV1785 G7 N49 1998 (128 pp.)

Pastan, Amy. Gandhi. DS481 G3 P3535 (128 pp.)

Pettit, Jayne. Martin Luther King, Jr. : A Man with a Dream. E185.97 K5 P44 20001 (112 pp.)

Randolph, Blythe. Charles Lindbergh. TL540.L5 R26 1990 (160 pp.)

Rau, Dana Meachen. George Lucas : Creator of Star Wars. PN1998.3 L835 R38 1999 (112 pp.)

Rau, Dana Meachen. Harry Houdini : Master Magician. GV1545 H8 R38 2001 (110 pp.)

Roop, Peter. Sojourner Truth. E185.97 T8 R66 2002 (128 pp.)

Santella, Andrew. Wayne Gretzky : The Great One. GV848.5 G73 S36 1998 (112 pp.)

Sawyer, Kem Knapp. Harriet Tubman. E444 .T82 S29 2010 (128 pp.)

Schroeder, Alan. Josephine Baker. GV1785 B3 S37 1991 (127 pp.)

Seidman, David. Cesar Chavez : Labor Leader. HD6509 C48 S45 2004 (127 pp.)

Shirley, David. Thomas Nast : Cartoonist and Illustrator. NC1429 N3 S54 1998 (127 pp.)

Sterling, Dorothy. Freedom Train : The Story of Harriet Tubman. E450 T89 1991 (191 pp.)

Stone, Tanya Lee. Abraham Lincoln. E457.905 S76 2005 (128 pp.)

Stone, Tanya Lee. Amelia Earhart. TJ540 E3 S746 2007 (128 pp.)

Sutherland, Tui. Who Was Harry Houdini? GV1545 H8 S88 2002 (105 pp.)

Teitelbaum, Michael. Jackie Robinson. GV865 .A4 T56 2010 (124 pp.)

Tessitore, John. Kofi Annan : The Peacekeeper. D839.7 A65 A3 2000 (96 pp.)

Thayer, Bonita E. Emily Dickinson. PS1541.Z5 T52 1989 (144 pp.)

Thomasma, Kenneth. The Truth about Sacajawea. F5992.7 S35 T7 1997 (96 pp.)

Timblin, Stephen. Muhammad Ali: King of the Ring. GV1132 . A4 T56 2010 (124 pp.)

Van der Rol, Ruud, and Rian Verhoeven. Anne Frank. DS135.N5 R64 1992 (64 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Albert Einstein: Universal Genius. QC16 .E5 V46 2009 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Alexander Graham Bell: Setting the Tone for Communication. TK6143 .B4 V46 2009 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Benjamin Franklin: Electrified the Whole World with New Ideas. E302.6 .F8 V46 2010 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Daniel Hale Williams: Surgeon Who Opened Hearts and Minds. RD27.35.W54 V564 2010 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Henry Ford: Big Wheel in the Auto Industry. TL140 .F6 V45 2009 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Lise Meitner: Had the Right Vision about Nuclear Fission. QC774 .M4 V46 2010 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Luis Alvarez: Wild Idea Man. QC16 .A48 V46 2010 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Marie Curie: Scientist Who Made Glowing Discoveries. QD22 .C8 V46 2009 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Mary Leakey: Archaeologist Who Really Dug Her Work. GN21 .L372 V46 2009 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Rachel Carson: Clearing the Way for Environmental Protection. QH31 .C33 V46 2010 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Stephen Hawking: Cosmologist Who Gets a Big Bang Out of the Universe. QC16 .H33 V46 2009 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak: Geek Heroes Who Put the Personal in Computers. QA76.2.A2 V465 2010 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. Thomas Edison: Inventor with a Lot of Bright Ideas. TK140 .E3 V46 2009 (32 pp.)

Venezia, Mike. The Wright Brothers: Inventors Whose Ideas Really Took Flight. TL540.W7 V458 2010 (32 pp.)

Wadsworth, Ginger. Julia Morgan, Architect of Dreams. NA737 M68 W33 (128 pp.)

Wilker, Josh. Confucius : Philosopher and Teacher. B128 C8 W58 1999 (111 pp.)

Winter, Jeanette. The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq. Z720.B24 W56 2005 (unpaged)

Wukovits, John F. Bill Gates : Software King. HD9696.63 U62 G378 2000 (127 pp.)

Yannuzzi, Della. New Elements: The Story of Marie Curie. QD22.C8 Y364 2006 (144 pp.)