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Basic Reader Non-Fiction: Native Americans

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Basic Reader Books about Native Americans

Bonvillain, Nancy.   The Hopi.   E99 H7 B66 2005   (110 pp.)

Bonvillain, Nancy.   The Mohawk.   E99 M8 B66 2005   (114 pp.)

Bonvillain, Nancy.   The Teton Sioux.   E99 T34 B66 2005   (116 pp.)

Bonvillain, Nancy.   The Zuni.   E99 Z9 B66 2005   (127 pp.)

Braine, Susan.   Drumbeat … Heartbeat: A Celebration of the Powwow.   E98 P86 B73 1995   (48 pp.)

Capaldi, Gina.   A Boy Named Beckoning : The True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Hero.   E99 Y5 M653 2008   (32 pp.)

Doherty, Craig A.   Plateau Indians.   E78 W5 D65 2008   (122 pp.)

Dorson, Mercedes.   Tales from the Rain Forest : Myths and Legends from the Amazonian Indians of Brazil.   F2519.1 A6 D67 1997  (133 pp.)

Elish, Dan.   The Trail of Tears : The Story of the Cherokee Removal.   E99 C5 E47 2001  (96 pp.)

Faulk, Odie B.   The Modoc.   E99.M7 F37 1988   (96 pp.)

Fowler, Loretta.   The Arapaho.   E99 A7 F677 2005   (148 pp.)

Fradin, Dennis B.   Who Was Sacagawea?   F592.7 S123 F735 2002   (107 pp.)

Graymont, Barbara.   The Iroquois.   E99 I7 G66 2005   (144 pp.)

Hoig, Stan.   The Cheyenne.   E99 C53 H62 2005   (130 pp.)

Iannone, Catherine.   Sitting Bull : Lakota Leader.   E99 D1 S6054 1998   (112 pp.)

Iverson, Peter.   The Navajo.   E99 N3 I883 2005   (139 pp.)

Jordan-Fenton, Christy & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton. Fatty Legs. E96.5 J67 2010  (87 pp.)


Kronenwetter, Michael.   Prejudice in America : Causes and Cures.   E184.A1 K838 1993   (144 pp.)

Lacey, Theresa Jensen.   The Blackfeet.   E99 S54 L33 2006   (110 pp.)

Lacey, Theresa Jensen.   The Pawnee.   E99 P3 L33 2006   (105 pp.)  

Marcovitz, Hal.   Sacagewea : Guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition.   F592.7 S123 M37 2001   (63 pp.)

McKissack, Pat.   Taking a Stand Against Racism and Racial Discrimination.   E184.A1 M3493 1990   (157 pp.)

McKee, Jesse O.   The Choctaw.   E99 C8 M36 2005   (108 pp.)

Meloday, Michael Edward.   The Apache.   E99 A6 M46 2006   (112 pp.)

Meltzer, Milton.   Columbus and the World Around Him.   E111.M49 1990   (192 pp.)

Murdoch, David Hamilton.   North American Indian.   E77.4 M87 2005   (72 pp.)

Pascoe, Elaine.    Racial Prejudice : Why Can’t We Overcome?    E184.A1 P34 1997   (128 pp.)

Perdue, Theda.   The Cherokees.   E99 C5 P393 2005   (124 pp.)

Rollings, Willard H.   The Comanche.   E99 C85 R65 2005   (132 pp.)

Thomasma, Kenneth.   The Truth about Sacajawea.   F5992.7 S35 T7 1997   (96 pp.)