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This guide will help students in Poli Sci 7 and 12 with research.

Poli Sci 7 Research Assignment

Each paper must cover the following:

  • What political issues are you interested in writing about?
  • Address the historical background of this topic.
  • How is the issue being framed and debated by advocates and opponents of this topic?
  • How does the general public feel about this topic? Are there any polls that reflect public opinion on this topic?
  • Did Congress, the President, or even the Supreme Court address this topic through legislation, executive orders, or legal opinions? Is so, what did they say?

Analysis, Evaluation, and Opinion

  • Critically engage the topic and form your own opinion on this issue. If it's been resolved through governmental processes, do you agree or disagree with the outcome?
  • Finally, look at the long-term consequences of this topic. Will this issue be of any relevance in 25 years?


min. 4 sources

6-8 pages

Times New Roman, 12 pt.

MLA citation format

Examples of research topics:

  • same sex marriage
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • voter ID laws and discrimination
  • legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado
  • prayer in public schools and legislative sessions
  • immigration
  • military spending
  • "right to work" laws and unions
  • campaign donations and the cost of running for public office
  • WikiLeaks and government spying
  • affirmative action in hiring or school admissions
  • militarization of the police
  • "promoting the general welfare... the debate between the deserving and underserving"
  • the Second Amendment and the Natural Right to Life
  • reproductive rights
  • environmental regulation and climate change




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