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American Government: Federal, California, Local: Books/e-Books

This guide will help students in Poli Sci 7 and 12 with research.

Call Numbers

The LPC Library, like most academic libraries, uses the Library of Congress classification system (LC) to organize its collection. 

Books on U.S. politics have a call # starting with J:

Political Science, General                         JA 1-92
Political Theory JC 11-607
Law & Nations KZ 1-6785
International Relations  JZ 2-6530
Local Government JS 3-8500
Socialism, Communism, Anarchism HX 1-970






Accessing Resources Remotely

Off-campus Access:

Log in with W# and Library Password.

Password: First 2 letters of first name, first 2 letters of last name, and last 4 digits of your W#

Example: jado6789

Books in the LPC Library

Use the Library Catalog to search for other titles in the LPC collections. 

Search for books, articles and more Search with WorldCat

Advanced Search

To find items in the library's collection, start by searching by keyword.

For example:

same sex marriage 


government surveillance

 Add the term public opinion:

same sex marriage and public opinion 

 Other terms to consider adding to search:






Sample Check-Out Titles



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