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A guide for LIBR 7 students.

Find Reference Materials


Articles, including popular, scholarly, and scholarly-peer reviewed from periodicals are great for exploring a narrower, particular aspect of your topic. Each type of article can be found through our online library databases and offer a different sort of view, depending on there purpose.

To find articles use the pull down tab below to select one of the periodical databases for this class.  Once the database is open, search for your topic by keyword, refine your results, capture relevant entries, and finally, be sure to enter in the citation information into Noodletools or other citing tool.




Find Articles

open. search. refine. capture. cite.

Types of Articles

Types of Articles


Popular Articles  

These articles are found in magazines and newspapers.  They are written for the general public, by journalists, rather than experts in the particular fields they are writing about.  These articles are easier to read, shorter, have interesting pictures, and can help you understand how the general public is talking about an issue.

Examples of Periodicals that Contain Popular Articles:

Scholarly Articles

These articles are found in academic journals.  These are written for scholarly/academic reasons to do an in-depth study into a particular aspect of an issue, by experts (professors, doctors, Ph.D's, etc.) in that specific field.  These articles use field-specific jargon and ar harder to read, longer, have no pictures, have abstracts at the beginning, and a list of citations at the end.  

Examples of Periodicals that Contain Scholarly (but not Peer-Revewed) Articles:

Peer-Reviewed Articles

These are scholarly articles that have gone through the additional process of being peer-reviewed.  This is in addition to the editing process that articles generally go through.  The peer-review process requires articles to be reviewed by a panel of the author's peers who check for accuracy before the article can be published.  These are typically regarded as the most credible resource to use to cite for a research project.

Examples of Periodicals that Contain Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Click here for more information on the different article types.