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ENG 7 (Eagan) - Environmental Conservation: Western, Developing Nation, and Indigenous Paradigms

A library guide to help Eagan's ENG 7 students connect with resources needed for their Fall 2017 essay.


Articles, including popular, scholarly, and scholarly-peer reviewed from periodicals are great for exploring a narrower, particular aspect of your topic. Each type of article can be found through our online library databases and offer a different sort of view, depending on there purpose.

To find articles use the pull down tab below to select one of the periodical databases for this class.  Once the database is open, search for your topic by keyword, refine your results, capture relevant entries, and finally, be sure to enter in the citation information into Noodlebib or other citing tool.  Cite articles by selecting the type of periodical they came from, so use the "Magazine," "Newspaper," or "Journal" options.

Click here for information on the different article types.

Search Statement from the Library Orientation:

indigenous AND conservation AND nature

Some additional example searches:




indigenous AND national park

indigenous peoples AND ecology

Indigenous peoples AND climate science

environment AND indigenous AND justice


Find Articles

open. search. refine. capture. cite.

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