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How To's

Previously know as our tutorials page, our HOW TO's are video overviews to aid in completing a research project. Navigate using the menu below or use the next and previous buttons to view the different videos in order.

Use the video tutorials listed under getting started to help you begin thinking about and planning your research project.

  1. Choosing a Topic will help direct you in choosing an appropriate topic for your project. It also provides information on library resources that you can use to browse topics.
  2. Creating a Concept Map will help you brainstorm about your topic. This will help you refine your topic into an appropriate size for your project.
  3. Creating a Research Question will help you define your goal for your research project, which will help to focus and direct your research and information gathering. 
  4. Creating a Search Statement will help you develop a search statement using your research question that you can use in the search bar of the different search tools to effectively find materials.
  5. Creating a Search Strategy will help you think about the types of materials or sources you will need to help you answer your research question and what library tool you will need to use to find those sources.