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About the Library

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The mission of the Las Positas College Library is to promote excellence in information competency, inspire lifelong learning, and strengthen our diverse campus and community.

  1. We promote excellence in information competency by teaching and working with students, staff, faculty, and community users to develop the unique abilities to navigate today’s information landscape by effectively identifying information needs and then to finding, evaluating, and ethically using high-quality information to fulfill those needs.
  2. We inspire lifelong learning by providing free and open access to the research materials, tools, spaces, and information that support the educational mission of our campus along with those that aim to spark interests, expand horizons, and enrich the perspectives of our users.
  3. We strengthen our diverse campus and community by promoting the development of key skills and capabilities; providing dynamic resources; and creating safe and reliable places where we and our students can enjoy, honor, celebrate, and engage with our campus and society.

Click here to view our Library Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Library Service Area Outcomes (SAOs)

Tina Inzerilla

Library Coordinator

T: 925.424.1158

Frances Hui


T: 925.424.1160

Angela Amaya


T: 925.424.1159

Kali Rippel


T: 925.424.1155

Collin Thormoto


T: 925.424.1165

Diana Navarro-Kleinschmidt

Library Services Specialist

T: 925.424.1153

Virginia Edwards

Library Technician

T: 925.424.1154

Loida Sarcia

Library Technician

T: 925.424.1157

June Harada

Library Technician

T: 925.424.1156

Joao Barretto

Adjunct Librarian

T: 925.424.1150

Charlotte Bagby

Adjunct Librarian

T: 925.424.1150

Stephanie Fish

Adjunct Librarian

T: 925.424.1150