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Policies (Updated for Shelter in Place)


Policies Updated to Reflect SiP Policies

At this time the library building is closed. The library is offering limited services online and through pick up at the front door.

Click here to learn how to check library materials out through our Grab 'N Go Service

LPC Students, Faculty, and Staff

Your valid LPC or Chabot student, faculty, or staff ID card works as your library card to check out materials and supports a quick checkout process. Having your valid LPC or Chabot student, faculty, or staff ID card is highly encouraged, but if you are unable to get a student, faculty, or staff ID card, a valid picture ID and a W number will be accepted.

Community Members, High School Students and Other Campus Visitors

Due to the shelter in place order library services are closed to community members, high school students and other campus visitors.

Click here to view a complete list of loanable items, fines, and fees.

To give all students an opportunity to use high-demand materials, students may borrow up to two (2) course reserves that are designated for in-library use. In addition, students may borrow a maximum of ten (10) other items.

Overdue notices are issued as a courtesy to all library users. However, the non-receipt of an overdue notice does not exempt a borrower from applicable fines or billings. To avoid overdue notices, fines, and bills please renew your materials before the due date.

Fines and fees are not being collected at this time. For questions about an overdue notice, fee, or a library bill, consult the Library staff at the Check-Out Desk by calling 925.424.1151.

Exceptions to the fines schedule may be made at the discretion of the Library Coordinator.

Access your library account to review and renew checked-out items.

If you need to check out a laptop for the semester, click here to fill out the technology request form.

Laptops are only available for semester-long checkout for student use. The Library cannot lend laptop computers to administrators, faculty, staff, visitors, or members of the community. If you are in need of

You will be required to show a current LPC student picture ID from a safe distance to pick up .

The laptops are available for a semester-long checkout. Fees for damaged laptop equipment will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. IT Department personnel will establish the cost of repair that will be passed on to the student at fault. A replacement cost of $1,600 will be charged to any student who fails to return a laptop computer (damaged, lost, or stolen). Fees for damaged or lost components: $69 for batteries; $39 for AC Power adapter; $59 laptop carrying case; internal components based on the cost of replacement.

Click here for instructions on how to renew or request items

Library materials from LPC and Chabot Libraries can be renewed by several methods:

ONLINE: LPC and Chabot Library materials can be renewed over the online catalog through your "My Library Account" if the borrower's account is in good standing.

Account problems that may prevent an online renewal include:

  • reaching the maximum number of renewals - twice
  • fines and other library charges
  • a block initiated by Admissions and Records or Chabot Library because of an unpaid bill or other account problem
  • an upcoming expiration date in your borrower record--This can occur if you are no longer employed at the College or enrolled here as a student.
  • Overdue items that cannot be renewed via the Online Catalog such as reserve books, magazines and periodicals

BY TELEPHONE: Call the Library Circulation/Check Out Desk at (925) 424-1151.

The following items CANNOT be renewed:

  • Items that have been requested by another patron. These items should be returned immediately to the Library on their due date.
  • Items that are normally non-circulating, but were loaned to you on an exception basis, such as Reference Materials.
  • Reserve items.
  • Overdue items
  • Items borrowed by Interlibrary Loan
Student or employee checking out material is responsible for lost or damaged items. Charges are determined by the replacement cost plus $10.00 for processing. Replacement items may be accepted. We invite you to contact the library checkout desk personnel at 925-424-1151 to review your account together and determine how to best resolve any lost or damaged item issues.

The primary purpose of the Library's collections is to support the educational programs of Las Positas College. For more information about how the collections are built and maintained, please see our Collection Development Policy.

The reserve collection supports the instructional program by providing library resources, which are directly related to curricular offerings. The specific aims of this collection are to:

  1. Provide reserve materials as required or recommended and chosen by the faculty for student use whose use must be limited because of the high number of students who must access the material.

  2. Provide controlled use of materials whose format, value or high demand may make them candidates for theft, such as: most used college catalogs, District, LPC and Chabot handbooks, and other timely materials.

Instructional Reserve Policy

Faculty, college personnel, and professional staff may request that materials be placed in this collection, but ultimate responsibility for the reserve collection lies with the library faculty.

Due to restricted space for Reserve Materials, limitations must be placed on the numbers of reserves added for each instructor. All items on a particular subject cannot be removed from the general collection to be placed on reserve. Librarians will make the final decision on how many items can be removed from the Library collection to be placed on reserve.

If several instructors have the same items on reserve, students will have to abide by the shortest reserve period requested by an instructor.

Instructors who need to preview audiovisual reserves for class preparation, may check them out on Friday with the following Monday as the due date.

The Library will not borrow items from other libraries to place on reserve. The Librarians also will not lend items placed on reserve to students, staff, or faculty from other colleges or libraries.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Las Positas College Library is to promote excellence in information competency, inspire lifelong learning, and strengthen our diverse campus and community.

  1. We promote excellence in information competency by teaching and working with students, staff, faculty, and community users to develop the unique abilities to navigate today’s information landscape by effectively identifying information needs and then to finding, evaluating, and ethically using high-quality information to fulfill those needs.
  2. We inspire lifelong learning by providing free and open access to the research materials, tools, spaces, and information that support the educational mission of our campus along with those that aim to spark interests, expand horizons, and enrich the perspectives of our users.
  3. We strengthen our diverse campus and community by promoting the development of key skills and capabilities; providing dynamic resources; and creating safe and reliable places where we and our students can enjoy, honor, celebrate, and engage with our campus and society.

Statements of Philosophy & Intellectual Freedom

The Learning Resources Program exists to facilitate and improve learning by supporting and expanding the instructional capabilities of Las Positas College and providing students with the opportunity to develop information-seeking skills for self-directed studies and lifelong learning.

Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries Association of College & Research Libraries - An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights

Resolution Reaffirming the Principles of Intellectual Freedom in the Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks

LPC Library formally recognizes that all records identifying the names, social security numbers, or I.D. number of library patrons and the library materials that they use are confidential in nature. Such records are not to be revealed to anyone other than the patron in question without either the express written permission of the patron in question or the adherence to proper legal and College procedures regarding required access to such information.

The American Library Association also provides a site, State Privacy Laws Regarding Library Records, which is a guide to understanding state library confidentiality laws.

The original Library Technology Plan was written by a library committee and submitted to the Faculty Senate in 1999. The technology issues discussed in that plan have been implemented. At present LPC Library adheres to the LPC Technology Department Standards and Policies, as modified to integrate with library services and student access.

In alignment with our campus commitment to academic excellence, requirements, and desired outcomes of its academic programs, the Las Positas College library is committed to making resources, services, and personnel available to its users regardless of their physical location. Las Positas College library identifies, develops, coordinates, implements, and assesses these resources and services on an ongoing basis. The library's DE programming is designed to meet not only standard informational and skills development needs but also the unique needs of the distance learning community. When appropriate, innovative approaches to the design and evaluation of particular procedures or systems to meet these needs, both current and anticipated, are adopted and assessed.