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ENG 7 (Eagan) - Environmental Conservation: Western, Developing Nation, and Indigenous Paradigms

A library guide to help Eagan's ENG 7 students connect with resources needed for their Fall 2017 essay.

Books for MLA

MLA Style

MLA (Modern Language Association) style is one of several different format dictating citation styling/formatting and is most commonly used to for writing within liberal arts and humanities. The primary resource for how to format according to the MLA style is the MLA Handbook, 8th Edition, shown to the left. 

MLA & APA Paper Templates

These editable templates are a great tool for getting started, but they are not always perfect and may be slightly out of date, so use your critical thinking skills to double check for correctness before submitting.

Noodletools: Getting Started Video

More In-Depth Help

This is meant as a general overview.  For more in-depth help, please use the following resources, review the appropriate publication manuals, or contact an LPC librarian.

Citation Help - Library Guide