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Sociology of Gender Research Guide

This is a general guide for students interested in locating information about sociology of gender using library resources available at LPC.  You'll find suggestions for locating journal articles for your Sociology 4 and Sociology 6 assignment and pointers to sources on creating a Reference List in the APA style.

Please contact a reference librarian if you need further assistance. 

Literature Review Topics

When conducting your review of the literature (1st step in the research process) on one of these topics, keep in mind your oral presentation. What have you learned from the scholars in terms of their explanations (i.e. the variables or issues or theory) about this social phenomenon affecting the lives of ordinary groups of people? Below are broad topics areas for your consideration so you should narrow down this topic for the best database search results. Remember. You will need to share your knowledge about this “sub” topic in 5 minutes. I advise you to really narrow down your search to make this manageable. The librarians are available to help you with your database searches as are the tutors in the tutoring center.


Review of the Literature: Topics

When conducting your research on one of these topics, keep in mind your Powerpoint presentation and how you might discuss/present the conclusions of the scholars in the field. The explanations (i.e. the social forces or variables) that influence the outcome of a social problem or group pattern of behavior.  

The list below are the main topics. This list is not comprehensive yet gives you a starting point for delving into subtopics for your literature review and PowerPoint slides. I am also open to other ideas should you wish to research another topic related to our course; but you must check with me first. 


I.       Issues of Children:

                   What is considered “quality” child care in the U.S. and Europe?

                   Issues affecting working parents.

         Foster Care:

What is considered “quality” vs. “poor” foster care in the U.S. and Europe?

         Teen Pregnancy:

International comparisons. What explains why U.S. teen birthrates the highest in developed world?


Issues affecting access to contraception and abortion in the U.S. and/or Europe.


Effects on babies/children of teens (differences by race/ethnicity).

Educational and career effects on young mothers (by race/ethnicity).

Educational and career effects on young fathers (by race/ethnicity).

          Infertility or Children with Special Needs/Disabilities:

Issues affecting marital satisfaction and/or conflict (International



II.        Sexuality and/or Sexual Assault:

                   Rape in marriage affecting women in U.S. and/or Europe.

                   Date rape (on college campuses)

                   Issues of “consent”

          Sex Trafficking: (International comparisons)

          Sex Workers


                   Issues affecting gender identities (Pan-sexuality, Polyamorous, etc)

                   Legal and civil rights and Discrimination (International comparisons)

          Sexual violence in the Military:

                   Effects on women and men (enlisted or officers)

Positive or negative effects on those taking legal military action (consequences on military careers)


III.    Marriage Issues:

                   Poor White and/or poor Black

                             Life on Welfare

                   Housework and domestic obligations

                   Aging parents and/or the “Sandwich Generation”

                   Working mothers and stay at home fathers\

                   Military life/deployment: Effects on marriage and family

Combat wounds (physical or mental) and integration back into family


IV.    Online Dating Trends:

                   Men/women differences

                   Race/ethnicity differences

                   Success leading to marriage


V.      Bullying:

Effects of bullying and/or cyber bullying (e.g., sexting) on girls or boys (e.g., victims and victimizers) or kids with disabilities or developmental delays (e.g., ADHD or depression) or LGBT group.


One way to guide your database searches might be asking:

What are the effects of ____________ on families, teens, college students, cancer patients or those with chronic pain, marriages, men or women as a group? This list is not exhaustive of the effects of a social issue/problem that impacts group patterns of behavior. 

Keep your search questions simple and specific. You get more focused results. 

And, you may want to start your search in our own textbook from chapters that I am not covering. Here you can find academic journal articles that have been mentioned in the text. Plus, your thinking will be guided by theoretical explanations answering the how and why and what are the results questions. 

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