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PCN 10 - Career Research

Find Reference Materials


Journals or scholarly & trade journals focus on a specific discipline, field, or subject of study.  Journals and any other subject-specific periodicals are a great way to stay current in your field of interest.  Each article within a journal or periodical offers an opportunity to exploring a particular aspect of research within your field.  Journals are very costly and often the best (i.e. cheapest) way to access as a student is through our online library databases. 

To find journals relevant to your field use the pull down tab below to select a related subject area.  You will then see a list of periodicals and journals relevent to that subject.   Using the titles, try to find one that matches closely with your career.  You can also try typing your career name into the search bar to see if a journal title matches exactly.  Once the journal page is open, use the dates to find recent issues to browse the articles.

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Find Journals

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