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Visiting the Library

Welcome to the library!

The library is open for Spring 2023 for your academic research, support, and study needs! Please the blue button to the left to View Library Hours.  The library is open for inside use and study whenever the library building has open hours.

Notes for your visit:

  • Library visits and services are open, along with the physical library building! Please click here to check out current hours.
  • The library is under construction. Some areas are closed, some have moved, some are new, and some are changing. Click here to view an, as up-to-date as possible, indoor library map.
  • The campus, including the library, will follow district recommendations regarding masking and vaccinations. Learn More.
  • If you are a current LPC student needing physical library materials but cannot enter campus, please get in touch with us so we can attempt to find a workable solution.
  • Study rooms are available; please click the button to the left (or above, depending on your device).
  • Generally, the library is a quiet study area, and we ask that voices be kept at a whisper. However, the construction can be pretty loud. You may want to bring headphones or use some of our complimentary earplugs.
  • Covered drinks are welcome inside the library, and the library has a water bottle refill station for your convenience. However, to help us maintain the library, please keep food outside.
  • No student ID, no problem! If you want to check items out but do not have your student ID card with you, you can still! Just provide the check-out desk with a photo id and your WID number.
  • Unable to return an item by the due date? No problem! The library has adopted a no fines policy. Just contact us to renew the item or return the item as soon as possible so it is available for others.