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Visiting the Library

Welcome to the library!

Welcome to your one-stop academic research haven! The library is open to support all your research, study, and educational needs. 

Here are some essential details for your library visit:

  • Library Hours: We're open and ready to assist you. [Click here to view our current hours]
  • Study Rooms: Looking for a quiet place to dive into your studies? Our library offers comfortable study rooms that you can reserve online. [Click here to book your spot]
  • Library Classrooms: Our library classrooms are open for drop-in student use when class is not in session. These rooms offer a quiet, spacious environment ideal for your academic endeavors.  Room 2043 is designated as a silent study room, providing a tranquil space for individual study with minimal distractions.  For faculty, our classrooms are available by reservation [Click here to request a library classroom].
  • Hushed Sanctuary: The library is generally quieter and perfect for focused work. Please help maintain this peaceful atmosphere by keeping your voices low. Don't forget to bring headphones, check some out at the Check Out desk, or grab complimentary earplugs from us.
  • Stay Hydrated: Feel free to bring covered drinks into the library, and don't miss our convenient water bottle refill station. However, to keep our library pristine, we kindly ask that you enjoy your food (small, non-messy, non-smelly snacks ok) outside.
  • No ID, No Problem: If you ever find yourself without your student ID card, worry not! You can still check out materials by presenting a photo ID and WID number at the checkout desk.
  • Fines? Forget About It: We've embraced a no-fine policy, so you won't have to fret about overdue fees. If you need to renew or return an item past its due date, contact us or return it as soon as possible so it is available for others.

The library is not just a place for books; it's your academic ally. We can't wait to see you here, working hard, learning, and discovering. Welcome to your library!