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Researching online?  We're excited to offer students full access to PowerNotes!  Highlight text on any website, take notes, and drop content into your own topics with just a click.  See below for instructions on how to get started with your LPC full access account.



New Users

  1. Use Google Chrome and go to
  2. Click Add Chrome Extension and install PowerNotes.
  3. Click on your newly installed PowerNotes extension icon to create your account.
  4. When sign-up, make sure you sign-up with your ZONEMAIL (.edu) email address.  You must use your Zonemail email as your email for this.  If you do not, you will not get full access to PowerNotes.   If you don't know your Zonemail address just log in to your Class Web account and click on "What is my email?"  Note: Staff/Faculty use your email.
  5. Then log in to Zonemail to verify your new PowerNotes account at"  Your Zonemail password will be your Class Web password. 

For instructions on using PowerNotes, go to