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POLI 7 (Torres): Newspaper Articles

Login Instructions

If you are using any of the library's online databases from off-campus, you will need to log in.

Username: Your W Number*

Password: Your library password is the SAME as your ClassWeb PIN.

* If you need help with your PIN, check Class-Web. If you ever change your ClassWeb PIN, your library password will be automatically updated.

Newspaper Articles in Library Databases

Assignment Requirement:

You are required to use the US MAJOR DAILIES database to find newspaper articles related to a course concept.

Database Search Strategy:

Browse your class notes and textbook for ideas of topics to search in the database. However, you will have more success in finding relevant articles when you use examples of your course concepts. Instead of a broad topic such as "Public Policy" try searches for issues that would commonly be referenced in the news such as air quality regulations, funding for elementary education, property taxes, rent control, etc. 

Sample Database Search:

"California and property taxes" or "California and Proposition 15"

Research Tip:

Watch the video demo (below).

Ask a librarian if you need help developing your search terms.

US Major Dailies Tutorial

New York Times Site License