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What is a Newspaper?

  • Newspapers are a type of periodical that is published daily or weekly to inform the public of current issues and events.  Other types of periodicals are magazines and journals. 
  • Newspapers and other periodicals are made up of different articles, written by different authors. 
  • Newspaper articles are not considered scholarly because they are written by journalists for the general public and use easier to understand language.
  • Newspaper articles are great ways to find breaking or up-to-date information on a topic.  They can also be used to find potential topics of interest related to current events.

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Where can I find Newspapers? 

  • Browse newspapers in the library.  The library subscribes to the San Francisco Chronicle.  Find today's newspaper and the most recent copies in the Periodicals section.
  • Online newspapers make up our biggest collection and can be found using a database that provides online access to Newspapers.  Open a suggested newspaper database, then search for your topic by keyword, refine your results, and capture relevant entries.  View list of newspaper databases.

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Find Online Newspaper Articles 

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