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What are Magazines & Journals?

  • Magazines and journals are two different types of periodicals. Periodicals are publications that contain articles written by different authors that are published periodically. Another type of periodical is a newspaper.
  • Magazine articles are considered popular, NOT scholarly because they are written by journalists for the general public and use easier to understand language.
  • Journal articles are scholarly because they are written by experts in their field for academics and students studying that field. They contain extensive literature reviews and primary research. They are more difficult to read because they use field-specific jargon.
  • Magazine articles are great ways to find up-to-date information on a topic that is more in-depth than a newspaper article, but not as scholarly as a journal.  They can also be used to find potential topics of interest related to current events.
  • Journal articles provide information from experts researching in that field. They are highly valued because they offer primary research information and are therefore more credible. Journals are where expert researchers publish their study findings.

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Where can I find Magazines & Journals? 

  • Browse Print Magazines and Journals in the library.  The library subscribes to a couple journals and several magazines.  
  • Online Magazines and Journals make up our biggest collection and can be found using databases that provide online access to these periodicals.  Open a suggested database, then search for your topic by keyword, refine your results, and capture relevant entries.  View list of magazine & journal databases.

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Find Online Magazine & Journal Articles 

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