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Grammarly Premium EDU

Instructions for setting up your free Grammarly Premium EDU account through LPC

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Support your writing using Grammarly Premium EDU (for free)! See below for directions on how to create or renew your free Grammarly Premium EDU account!


New Users AND
users needing to reauthenticate
(Must Use Zonemail)


  1. Click the Sign-Up button above.
  2. Sign-up with your ZONEMAIL ( email address.  
    • On the registration form, you must enter your Zonemail ( as your email.  If you do not, you will not get access to Grammarly Premium.  
    • If you don't know your Zonemail address log in to your Class Web account and click on "What is my email?"  Note: Staff/Faculty use your email.
  3. Then log in to Zonemail to verify your new Grammarly account at Your Zonemail password will be your Class Web password. 
  4. Once you have created your account login using the "Returning Users Login" button with your Zonemail email and Grammarly password for your free premium EDU access!
  5. You will know that you successfully upgraded when you see the blue EDU banner in the upper left of the menu bar when you are on logged in to your Grammarly account.