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ENG 4 (Moellering/France) - Literary Analysis Paper

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Why the library?

Unlike Google, or other free search engines, the library provides access to costly published materials, like books and articles.  Along with the physical books the library purchases, we also specialize in providing access to materials that are beyond the surface web (into the Deep Web) through free access, for LPC students, to paid subscription databases. These databases contain the expensive published material needed for research projects.  Library materials are organized, searchable, and have gone through the expense and editing of the publishing process, which lend them a higher credibility.

Examples of resources:

  • Peer Reviewed Articles - find using periodical databases
  • Scholarly Articles - find using periodical databases
  • Books - find using the library catalog
  • Reference - Find using ereference databases and library catalog
  • Videos/educational DVDs - Find using video databases
  • Credible websites - Find using Google

For more information on the deep web, view this Infographic from CNN Money.

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