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BIO 7B (Katz) - Human Physiology

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BIO 7B Term Paper Assignment (Katz)

For this term paper, you may choose any topic related to Human Physiology. 

Sample questions to answer in your research:

  • "What is the effect of nicotine on cardiac muscle tissue?"
  • "How do we know that vitamin A is important for vision?"

You must include at least three primary references (original research articles).*

*If you are not familiar with primary references, see the explanation and examples on the "Identify Primary Research Articles" page.

Citing Your References

The references section should be formatted in any standard format, such as APA, or you may use the following format:

[Reference Number]. [Authors], [Year]. [Title of Article]. [Journal], [Volume(issue):start page number]


  1. Skywalker, L., 1977. Deconstructing the Death Star. J Entropic Politics, 77(5):1234
  2. Tarkin, GM., 1977. Planetary Scale Particle Beam Weapons. J Fear and Oppression, 2(1):425

In-line citations should be formatted using the author's name and year of publication in parentheses.


Although the Death Star took years to build and cost the lives of many unskilled workers (Tarkin 1977), it took only moments to destroy (Skywalker 1977).

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