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Administration of Justice: Books and E-Books

Sources for Administration of Justice research assignments.

Finding Resources in the LPC Library

Use the Library Catalog to search for books, DVDs and CDs in the LPC and Chabot College collections. 

Sample catalog searches:

"administration of justice"
"community policing"
"crime prevention"
"criminal procedure"
"law enforcement"
"police administration"
"police brutality"
"women, crimes against"

**Note: One you find an item that looks relevant, note the "More Like This" box on the right-hand side of the screen and click on links under Subjects to search additional titles.**


eBooks - Administration of Justice

The LPC library provides access to a number of eBooks on a variety of subjects. 

Use the LPC Library Catalog to find eBooks by conducting a keyword or subject search for the topic you are researching.

There are many eBooks on Administration of Justice-related topics.  Here is a list of a few titles:

**Note: Check for links at the end of sections or chapters for additional sources.**

Reference Books - Admininstration of Justice

Use reference books for background information, broad overviews, and summaries.

**Reference Book Tip:

Consult the index in the back of the reference book to check if it contains information on your topic. 

For multiple-volume sets, see the index in the back of the last book/volume in the series.


Additional Reading:

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