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CMST 1: Fundamentals of Public Speaking: Videos

A guide to help students with their informative and persuasive speeches in CMST 1.

Find Reference Materials


Videos and movies can be a great resource for beginning to understand a topic. They often offer a more general overview interlaced with personal experiences.

To find physical movies/DVD's that can be checked out, use the library catalog search box to the right. Type in your topic and then click search to view the results in the catalog. Refine your results to "Video." You will notice that there are often eVideos and DVD's. Click on any title to view more information about the item, including location information; and finally, be sure to enter in the citation information into Noodletool or another citing tool.

Browse our DVD collection on the shelves using the Library of Congress Call Number Classification System.  Simply review the list of subjects to find the letter(s) that are relevant to your topic, then go to the DVD section of the library and find that section of the shelves.  

To find eVideos in our streaming video databases, use the pull down tab below to select one of the video databases.  Once the database is open, search for your topic by keyword, refine your results, capture relevant entries, and finally, be sure to enter in the citation information into Noodletools or other citing tool.


eReference Databases


Find eVideos 

open. search. refine. capture. cite.


Find DVD's & Blu-Rays

search. refine. capture. cite.

Featured Reference Books