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BIO 50 - Anatomy & Physiology (Waters): Research Articles

A research guide to support students in Professor Waters' BIO 50- Anatomy & Physiology course.

Science Journal Databases

Database Searching Tips

Let's say you want to find an article that discusses research in the area of the effects of stress on the circulatory system.  Here are some suggestions to go about doing this: 

1) Determine the key words/terms for your search.
Using our example, the key terms would be: stress and "circulatory system"

2) If one of your key words/terms is a phrase, use quotation marks around that phrase.
Example: "circulatory system"
(This will ensure that your search returns articles that are specifically about the circulatory system, not just contain the word "circulatory" or just the word "system".)

3)When searching for an article containing more than one key term, use a connector word such as AND to join the two (or more) terms.
Example: stress and "circulatory system"
(You can use the word AND to connect as many terms/phrases as you like, just be aware that the more connector words you use, the more narrow/limiting your search will be and the less articles you will see displayed in your results. Using a connector word such as OR will conduct a more broad/expanded search.)

4) If you are having trouble locating relevant articles, you may need to broaden or change your search strategy.
Here are a few suggestions that may help with your search:

-Try searching with synonyms (words with similar meanings) of your key terms.

-Try removing one or more of your search terms to broaden your search

**As always, if you need research assistance, please contact a librarian.  A librarian can suggest further search terms, strategies, or databases to try.**

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