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Guided Pathways and LPC Library

Overview of Programs

The table below displays the Academic and Career Pathways developed at Las Positas College. Click on the tabs to the left to see how the Library supports each program.

The California Guided Pathways Project is designed to increase the number of students who earn a certificate or degree at a California community college through an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success and structured educational experiences that support each student from the point of entry to attainment of high-quality postsecondary credentials and careers.
At Las Positas College, Pathway Student Success Teams comprise counseling and instructional faculty, classified staff, peer mentors, and faculty librarians, who all work together to provide support to students.
Supports we have to get you started are our Academic & Career degree and certificate maps, student checklists for success, career exploration options for each pathway, and a list of introductory courses. 
Other support services on campus are the following:
  • Welcome Center
  • Library
  • Tutoring
  • Math Learning Center
  • Reading & Writing Center (RAW)
  • Smart Shops
  • Computer Center
  • Career and Transfer Center
  • Work-Based Learning