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ENG 1A - Generations in the Workplace: Articles

Resources for researching inter-generational issues in the workplace. Guide based on orientations by Cheryl Warren, Charlotte Bagby, and Angela Amaya.

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Online Databases

The LPC Library subscribes to several online databases that contain articles published in magazines and newspapers. 


The New Greatest Generation from Time magazine, 5/20/13

Post More Baby Photos!  from Time magazine, 11/4/13

Networked Primate from Scientific American Magazine, 9/2014

Start with these multiple subject databases

Additional databases to use depending on the focus of your topic

Search Terms and Tips

Search terms are important for good results. The computer is looking only for the words in the search box. Generally in the Basic Search mode, the computer is only looking for the search terms in: Title, Abstract and Subject Headings.

Subject Headings are listed after the magazine/journal title information. When a good article is found, look at the Subject Headings. Repeat those terms in your search to find more articles on the same subject.

1) Determine the key words (Look at some of the search terms listed on the "Books" tab)

2) Use quotation marks around any phrases

3) Look at Subject Headings listed under the Title information

4) Having trouble getting results? Broaden or change your search strategy

**As always, if you need research assistance, please contact a librarianA librarian can suggest further search terms, strategies, or databases to try.**