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ESL 121A (Podevyn/Payne) - Endangered Animals

Information for ESL 121A students doing research on endangered animals.


Extinct Animals

  • Extinct animals have all died out and they are gone forever.
  • There are no more of that kind of animal species anywhere in the world. 
  • An example of an extinct animal is a mammoth. 

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  • Dangerous is a word that describes something (or someone) that is risky, harmful, or unsafe. 
  • Sample sentences using the word "dangerous":
    • Swimming near sharks is dangerous.
    • The dangerous driver did not slow down near the crosswalk.

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Endangered Animals

  • When only a very few of a particular animal are left on earth they are endangered animals.
  • Endangered animals can become extinct.

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In danger

  • In danger means that something bad or harmful will happen very soon.  It means to be at risk. 
  • Sample sentences using the phrase "in danger": 
    • The house painter was in danger of falling off the ladder.
    • The children playing in the middle of the busy street were in danger.

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