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Information Competency: Home

Information Competency ad-hoc committee of Las Positas College

LPC Timeline

Proposed timeline for addressing WASC recommendation #4, Information Competency.


Welcome to the Information Competency ad-hoc committee website
for Las Positas College.

WASC Accreditation Evaluation and Recommendations

Comprehensive Evaluation Report from Team Site Visit (October 19-22, 2009)

See Recommendation #4 regarding Information Competency  (P. 5):

Recommendation # 4

Information Competency

To meet the standards the team recommends that the college use campus-wide dialog to develop ongoing instruction for users of library and learning support services to ensure students develop skills in Information Competency. (II.C.1.b)

LPC Response to WASC Recommendation #4

LPC Academic Senate approval of response to WASC recommendation #4:

Approved: August 25, 2010