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NUTR 1 (Himmelstein) - Nutrition

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Himmelstein - NUTR 1: Assignment


[*See instructor's course material for current and thorough assignment details.]

Use library databases to research recent journal articles and write an essay for one of the topics listed below.  Include APA style formatted in-text citations and a References list of works cited in your essay.  
Choose one of the following topics: 
1. The effect of saturated fat on cardiovascular disease risk.
2. The health effects of the keto diet.
3. How to treat nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.     
4. The role of diet on the microbiome and how the microbiome influences our health.   
5. Artificial sweetener safety.
6. Food safety issues (eggs, poultry, meat, romaine lettuce).
7. Pros/cons of a vegan diet.
Find recent PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES for the essay topic, write up a summary (one page) in your own words of what you found, and provide in-text citations and works-cited (References) in APA style for your articles.

Why the Library?

Unlike Google, or other free search engines, the library provides access to costly published materials, like books and articles. Published materials have gone through the expense and editing of the publishing process, which lends them a higher credibility. The college library specializes in providing you with free & efficient access to the expensive scholarly information that you need to use for your course assignments.

Examples of resources:

  • Peer Reviewed Articles - find using periodical databases
  • Scholarly Articles - find using periodical databases
  • Books - find using the library catalog
  • Reference - Find using ereference databases and library catalog
  • Videos/educational DVDs - Find using video databases
  • Credible websites - Find using Google