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SOC 3 (Hirose) - Cultural and Racial Minorities: Welcome

Cultural and Racial Minorities Research Guide

This is a guide for Sociology 3 students researching topics related to cultural and racial minorities.  Tips for locating reference sources, books, periodical/journal articles, audiovisual materials, and web resources are recommended.

Please contact a reference librarian if you need further assistance. 

Final Research Paper

Conduct library research and write a scholarly report on major issues that a racial group of your choice has faced historically and is facing currently.

Goal: To demonstrate comprehension of relevant concepts and theoretical ideas and apply them effectively to your analysis of the racial group. 

Include the following elements (not necessarily in the this order):

A. Racial Group

1. Select a racial group that you are going to investigate.

2. Explain the state of this group, considering the following:

  • Who are they? How are they doing currently?
  • Demographic information about the group.
  • Socioeconomic status compared to other groups.
  • Is this group considered a racial group or an ethnic group? Justify your choice.

B. Issues

1. Historical issue

  • Where are they from? Explain their general history in the United States.
  • Pick a major historical event or problem that the group experienced.
  • Describe and analyze the event or problem using relevant concepts.
  • How is this issue important for the group?

2. Current problem

  • Identify a major contemporary issue that the group is currently facing.
  • Describe and analyze the issue using relevant concepts.
  • How is this contemporary issue related to the historical issue you discussed above?

3. Analysis using relevant concepts and sources

  • Address and discuss at least two concepts from below in a substantive and meaningful manner:
    • Social construction of race
    • Structural racism
    • Colorblind racism
    • White privilege
  • Include at least six scholarly sources to support your argument:
    • Minimum of three sources from Gallagher's Rethinking the Color Line to support your analysis.
    • Minimum of three more outside sources to support your analysis.




Research Strategy

  • Read and understand your research assignment.
  • Think about what you already know; review lecture notes and course textbook
  • Do some preliminary research to get a sense of what resources are available for possible topics.
  • Get more background information using reference books
  • Use books for detailed in-depth analysis and history of issue
  • Use magazine and journal articles for current reporting of issue
  • Use the Internet for additional information (don't forget to evaluate your sources!)
  • Cite your sources (create a reference list or works cited page)


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