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ENG 1A (France) - Argumentative (Synthesis) Research Paper: Home


English 1A - Professor France

This is a general guide for students in Ms. France's English 1A class interested in locating information using library resources available at LPC.  You'll find suggestions for locating resources for your English 1A assignment and pointers to sources on creating a Works Cited list in MLA.

Please contact a reference librarian if you need further assistance. 

Argumentative (Synthesis) Research Paper - Assignment

Objective:  The purpose of this assignment is to teach you to develop an argument with Rereading America and  outside sources. Your paper will reflect your critical reading skills and your ability to argue your thesis successfully.  This assignment is involves library research, creation of a question, and the written response to your question.

Task:  Write  4- 6 pages (not including the works cited page) research paper arguing the point you have concluded from the variety of sources from Rereading America and other sources you have critically researched and analyzed on the topic of your choice. All sources must be highly credible and/or academic source.


  1. You must pick  1or  2 essays assigned (gender) from Rereading America as your source.
  2. You must find and use minimum 4 credible outside sources on your topic.Your sources must be found though the school’s recommended databases/peer reviewed and/or Google Scholar.


Your prompt for this essay is based on your class log and group discussions.

You will develop your own argument, thesis  and present your ideas in this paper. The prompts listed below are to help focus your ideas and research. You do not need to answer all of the questions in the prompt. The questions there are to help. If you have your own topic/idea based on your reading of the essays, feel free to create your own topic.

  1. Student Choice-choose your own topic for the essay. It must refer to ideas presented from the essays we discussed in class in regards to gender. You must discuss idea with instructor for approval.
  2. Analyze gender roles in society and to what extent does our society pressure to conform to traditional roles? How have people resisted those roles?
  3. How has society changed its habits in meeting a partner or views on marriage?
  4. Media images advocate what is socially acceptable for gender roles? How  has the med or technology changed views of gender?