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PCN 13 - Multicultural Issues in America: Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Research Guide for PCN 13 Group Project

Periodical Databases in the Library

To find articles published in academic journals, magazines, and newspapers, use the library's online periodical databases.  In the following databases, you are likely to find relevant information on the topic of ethnic and cultural groups, their history and culture, issues, and contributions.

Academic Journals and Magazine Articles

Newspapers Articles

Search Terms and Tips


Use only the keywords from your research question.  Do not type in a whole phrase, question, or thesis statement.

  • Example: DON'T = The lack of group cohesiveness of Asian Americans results in low voter turnout.
  • Example:  DO = Asian Americans and voter turnout

Add more key words if you get too many results; connect the terms with AND.

  • Women
  • Women and education
  • Women and education and Afghanistan

Try different related words or synonyms.

  • Example: Hispanic Americans; Latinos; LatinX, Chicanos, etc.
  • Example: Voter turnout, voter participation, elections, political participation, politicians, elected officials, etc.

Use quotation marks around multi-word terms/phrases.

  • Example: "Interracial Marriage", "Japanese Americans", "African Americans"

Try truncating your keywords.  Most databases have advanced features such truncation to allow for searching variant spellings or word endings.

  • By adding the database's truncation symbol such as an asterisk* in an Academic Search Ultimate, the results are broadened to include more related terms.
  • Example: neighbor*
  • Results will include neighbor, neighbors, neighboring, neighborhood, etc.

Login Instructions

If you are using any of the library's online databases from off-campus, you will need to log in.

Username: Your W Number*

Password: First 2 letters of first name, first 2 letters of last name, and last 4 digits of W# (i.e. jado6789)

* Don't know your W#, look it up in Class-Web.