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Shakespeare Research and Resources: Chiolis Eng 4 - Othello

An overview on conducting research on all things Shakespearean with additional information for Steven Chiolis's Eng 4 (Othello) and Humanities 3 (The Tempest) classes.

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Issues in Tragedy: Assignment and Resources for Othello

  Essay Assignment 2: Issues in Tragedy


(Excerpted from Steven Chiolis' Spring 2011 assignment).

**Please refer to S. Chiolis' most recent assignment for details and instructions.**


Our discussions in class and literary studies have been about raising and following several lines of questioning regarding form and content in tragedy.  The purpose of this second essay is to explore these matters further as you write an interpretive argument.


You have a choice of works for this essay: select Oedipus the King, Antigone, or Othello.  Choose a theme or issue raised by the play, make a claim about a resonable way to interpret it and write a 4-6 page paper that supports this proposition.  Because an interpretive essay is an argument to readers already family with the work selected (and thus are interested in your critical opinion), you want to offer an essay that reflects a close reading, a focused consulting of other sources, and a good deal of questioning.


Naturally, you will first need to choose a topic for your essay.  Prewriting strategies will help you explore and settle on this, and reading other writers' views will enrich your own understanding.  You will find plenty of controversies to enter as you think about the play selected - write yourself into a conversation that has continued for centuries.


Research will prove very useful in your writing endeavor.  When properly cited, opposing views can be directly attributed to other critics, and support for your position can also be enlisted from such sources.  As you take advantage of such material, provide proper documentation using the MLA Guidelines on a Works Cited page.


Research Requirements:

You will need a minimum of four sources in addition to the play itself, all of which will be integrated into your writing and properly cited according to MLA standards.  Research must be gathered from LPC library materials, whether these be electronic or in print.  All sources must be correctly documented on a Works Cited page.




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