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ARHS 4 ART HISTORY (Kleit): Group Collaboration Project


Welcome to the Art History 4, Ancient Art Library Guide. This guide is designed for students working on the Ancient Rome group collaboration project. Please don't hesitate to ask a librarian for assistance. 

Abbreviated directions and topics are as follows:

 Group Collaboration Project: Ancient Rome

For this assignment you will be working in small groups to research an assigned Roman ruler and a sculpture, monument or building commissioned by that ruler. Your group will present to the class your findings in a 15-20 minute presentation, and each group member will turn in a written assignment. The Group Presentation is out of 25 points, you will be graded as a group. The Independent Written Assignment is graded separately out of 25 points. Total out of 50 points, the above will be added together for each individual final grade. 

Assigned Emperors and Artwork:  
Emperor Augustus, The Ara Pacis
Emperor Nero, Golden House of Nero 
Emperor Trajan, The Column of Trajan
Emperor Vespasian, The Colosseum
Emperor Hadrian, The Pantheon
Emperor Constantine, Basilica Nova


For complete assignment and guidelines, click on the link below. 

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