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ENG 4 - The Fault in Our Stars and 1984: Home

Sources for writing a research paper exploring the philosophical perspectives in "The Fault in Our Stars" or the contemporary issues raised in Orwell's "1984."

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Research Assignment

Paper 5: Argumentative Research Paper
8 pages
"I want you to blow my mind with this paper by providing an interesting exploration into one of the following topics. This is a chance to show the world your critical thinking abilities and writing skills.

Answer the question from one of the following options, supporting your argument with research from five external sources and evidence from one of the novels:

Fault in our starsOption 1) In what ways does the philosophy of the The Fault in Our Stars reflect the philosophy of one of the real philosophers/authors or texts mentioned in the novel (i.e. TS Eliot and "Prufrock," Camus and "Sisyphus," Kierkegaard, Ginsberg and "Howl," Heidegger, or Anne Frank)? Research one of the philosopher's or poet's theories and his or her texts; support your argument pointing to specific places in the novel that reflect, or contrast, the philosophy you've researched. Be sure you are inclusive of the entire novel, especially the end because the message of a novel is shaped by what happens in the end. How is that philosophical message revealed throughout the novel in the characters, events, and themes?

1984 by George Orwell

Option 2) In what ways and to what degree is 1984 relevant to the present (within the last two decades) real world? Compare and contrast issues in the novel 1984 to contemporary issues, events, and culture in the real world. You may choose to focus on one issue or more than one issue, but be sure your thesis addresses the topics you will cover. Common issues students address from the book include Newspeak, surveillance/privacy, media censorship/propaganda, numbing the masses, groupthink, doublespeak/doublethink (political or corporate), geopolitics, rebellion, torture, and totalitarianism; entertainment, prostitution, and pornography as opiates to the masses.

You will need a minimum of five sources for this paper, not including Wikipedia (encyclopedia sites in general) or essay helper sites (i.e. Pink Monkey, Gradesaver, Cliffnotes etc).