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ESL 25 - Science Research Assignment: Home

General Information

Research Assignment

This guide will help students find the following sources to complete their research project:

  1. a specialized encyclopedia article
  2. a website
  3. an article from a Library database

Mr. Brickman's Sample Science-related Research Questions:

1. Is high fructose corn syrup responsible for the rise in diabetes?

2. Is it possible to power our country with 100 percent clean electricity in 10 years?

3. Should nuclear energy be considered as a way to combat global warming?

4. What causes autism?

5. What will power the automobiles of the future?

6. Can polar bears (or any other endangered species) be saved?

7. Do multi-vitamins improve your health if you are eating a normal diet?

8. Should bio-engineered foods be developed further or banned entirely?

9. Is stem cell research as promising as many people contend?

10. Is there life on other planets?

11. Is recycling the best solution to our environmental problems?

12. Are cancer rates rising or falling? What is the cause?

13. How are the populations of fish in the oceans changing? Is this a problem?


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