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Afghanistan and Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner: Home

A research guide designed for Elena Cole's English 104 class reading of Khaled Hosseini's novel The Kite Runner.

The Kite Runner: Research Project

 The Kite Runner:  Research Project (English 104, E. Cole) The Kite Runner book cover


**Please refer to Ms. Cole's most recent assignment for full details and instructions.** 


For this assignment, you will work with your group member(s) to choose a topic related to The Kite Runner, research the topic, and share what you learn with the class. The topic you choose should be from the list on this assignment unless you have written approval from Ms. Cole to research another topic.

On presentation day, your group will have ten minutes to present what you have learned to the class.

Research Topics:


1. Afghanistan

Possible Areas of Focus: Languages, Major Cities, Physical Relationship to Pakistan and Iran, Food, and Customs


2. Kabul (4)

Possible Areas of Focus: The Wazir Akbar Khan District and Shar-e-Nau Section


3.  Islam (15)

Possible Areas of Focus: Mullah, Zakat, Hadj, Namaz, Koran, Qiyamat


4.  Hazara and Shi-a Muslims / Pahstuns and Sunni Muslims

Similarities and Differences


5.  King Nadir Shah (5) and 1973 Revolution in Afghanistan


6.  Shorawi-occupied Kabul (111) and Russian Occupation


7.  Civil War (1989)


8.  Northern Alliance taking over Kabul (1992 - 1996)


9.  Taliban in Kabul (1996)


10. Immigration to the United States

Possible Areas of Focus: Challenges of Immigrating, Afghan Immigration (when, where, why)


11. Afghan Marriage Traditions

Possible Areas of Focus: Dress, Shirini-khori, Awroussi, Chilas, Nika, Ahesta Boro


12. Khaled Hosseini


13. Afghanistan Today

Subject Guide

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