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Basic Reader Non-Fiction: African Americans

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Basic Reader Books about African Americans

Altman, Susan.   Extraordinary African-Americans.   E185.96 A56 2001   (288 pp.)

Aretha, David.   The Murder of Emmett Till.   E185.93 M6 A75 2007   (160 pp.)

Aretha, David.   Selma and the Voting Rights Act.   F334 S4 A74 2008   (128 pp.)

Ashby, Ruth.   Rosa Parks: Freedom Rider.   F334.M753 P3718 2008   (124 pp.)

Alexander, Tim.   Barack Obama: Hope for the World.   E908.A79 2009   (62 pp.)

Bausum, Ann.   Freedom Riders : John Lewis and Jim Zwerg on the Front Lines of the Civil Rights Movement.   E185.96 B355 2006   (79 pp.)

Blumberg, Rhoda.   York’s Adventures with Lewis and Clark : An African-American’s Part in the Great Expedition.   F592.7 Y67 B57 2004   (88pp.)

Bolden, Tonya.   M.L.K. : Journey of a King.   E185.97 K5 B595 2006   (128 pp.)

Branch, Muriel Miller.   Juneteenth : Freedom Day.   E185.93 T4 B68 1998   (55 pp.)

Brooks, Philip.   Oprah Winfrey: A Voice for the People.   PN1992.4.W56 B76 1999   (128 pp.)

Clinton, Catherine.   The Black Soldier : 1492 to the Present.   E185.63 C57 2000   (117 pp.)

Crisp, George.   Miles Davis.   ML3930 D33 C72 1997   (144 pp.)

Dobler, Lavinia G.   Pioneers and Patriots: The Lives of Six Negroes of the Revolutionary Era.   E185.96 D6   (118 pp.)

Edmondson, Jacqueline.   Condoleezza Rice : A Biography.   E840.8 R48 E26 2006   (140 pp.)

Ellis, Rex M.   With a Banjo on my Knee : A Musical Journey from Slavery to Freedom.   ML399 E45 20001   (160 pp.)

Freedman, Russell.   A Voice that Changed a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights.   ML3930.A5 F73 2004  (114 pp.)

Gigliotti, Jim.   Jesse Owens: A Gold Medal Hero.   GV 697 .O9 G55 2010  (124 pp.)

Gourse, Leslie.   Wynton Marsalis : Trumpet Genius.   ML3930 M327 G68 1999   (112 pp.)

Greene, Meg.   Billie Holiday : A Biography.   ML420 H58 G68 2007   (122 pp.)

Halliburton, Warren J.   Historic Speeches of African Americans.   E184.6 H57 1993   (192 pp.)

Hansen, Joyce.   Bury Me Not in a Land of Slaves : African-Americans in the Time of Reconstruction.   E185.2 H32 2000   (160 pp.)

Haskins, James.   Black Dance in America : A History through its People.   GV1624.7.A34 H37 1990   (232 pp.)

Haskins, James.   Black Music in America: A History through its people.   ML3556.H33 1987   (198 pp.)

Haskins, James.   Following Freedom’s Star : The Story of the Underground Railroad.   E450 H314 2001   (112 pp.)

Hoose, Phillip.   Claudette Colvin: Twice toward Justice.   F334.M753 C6554 2009   (133 pp.)

Jones, Victoria Garrett.   Marian Anderson: A Voice Uplifted.   ML3930.A5 J66 2008   (124 pp.)

Kellaher, Karen.   Rosa Parks : Civil Rights Pioneer.   F334 M753 P3864 2007   (44 pp.)

Kronenwetter, Michael.   Prejudice in America : Causes and Cures.   E184.A1 K838 1993   (144 pp.)

Landau, Elaine.   Slave Narratives : The Journey to Freedom.   E444 S565 2001   (95 pp.)

Lanier, Sally.   Jefferson’s Children : The Story of One American Family.   E332.2 L35 2000   (144 pp.)

Mara, Wil.   Thurgood Marshall : Champion for Civil Rights.   KF8745 M34 M37 2004   (125 pp.)

McDaniel, Melissa.   Spike Lee : On His Own Terms.   PN1998.3 L44 M33 1998   (96 pp.)

McDaniel, Melissa.   W.E.B. DuBois : Scholar and Civil Rights Activist.   E185.97 D73 M43 1999   (96 pp.)

McDonough, Yona Zeldis.   Who Was Rosa Parks?   F334 .M753 P385545 2010   (106 pp.)

McKissack, Pat.   Taking a Stand Against Racism and Racial Discrimination.   E184.A1 M3493 1990   (157 pp.)

McMullan, Kate.   The Story of Harriet Tubman : Conductor of the Underground Railroad.   E444 T82 M38 1992   (108 pp.)

McNeese, Tim.   Brown v. Board of Education : Integrating America’s Schools.   KF228 B76 M356 2006   (144 pp.)

McNeese, Tim.   Dred Scott v. Sandford : The Pursuit of Freedom.   KF22 S27 M36 2006   (120 pp.)

McNeese, Tim.   Plessy v. Ferguson : Separate but Equal.   KF223 P56 M36 2006   (136 pp.)

McWhorter, Diane.   A Dream of Freedom : The Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968.   E185.61 M39 2004   (160 pp.)

Newman, Shirlee Petkin.   The African Slave Trade.   HT1322 N38 2000   (63 pp.)

Newman, Shirlee Petkin.   Slavery in the United States.   E441 N58 2000   (63 pp.)

Newman, Gerald, and Eleanor Newman Layfield.   Martha Graham: Found of Modern Dance.   GV1785.G7 N49 1998   (128 pp.)

Pascoe, Elaine.    Racial Prejudice : Why Can’t We Overcome?    E184.A1 P34 1997   (128 pp.)

Pettit, Jayne.   Martin Luther King, Jr. : A Man with a Dream.   E185.97 K5 P44 20001  (112 pp.)

Roop, Peter.   Sojourner Truth.   E185.97 T8 R66 2002   (128 pp.)

Sawyer, Kem Knapp.   Harriet Tubman.   E444 .T82 S29 2010   (128 pp.)

Schroeder, Alan.   Josephine Baker.   GV1785 B3 S37 1991   (127 pp.)

Sterling, Dorothy.   Freedom Train : The Story of Harriet Tubman.   E450 T89 1991   (191 pp.)

Stovall, TaRessa.   The Buffalo Soldiers.   E185.925 S76 1997   (104 pp.)

Taylor, Charles A.   Juneteenth : A Celebration of Freedom.   E185.93 T4 T39 2002   (32 pp.)

Teitelbaum, Michael.   Jackie Robinson.   GV865 .A4 T56 2010   (124 pp.)

Timblin, Stephen.   Muhammad Ali: King of the Ring.   GV1132 . A4 T56 2010   (124 pp.)

Wormser, Richard.   The Rise & Fall of Jim Crow : The African-American Struggle against Discrimination, 1865-1954.   E185.61 W935 1999   (144 pp.)