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Graphic Narratives and Novels: Authors and Works

A library research guide designed to support ENG 4 (Admassu) and the research and study of the graphic narrative genre, including graphic novels.

Selected Book Titles: Authors and Works

These are just a select titles from the Las Positas College Library. 

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Books can be checked out using your LPC or Chabot student ID.

"TEDTalks: Scott McCloud—Understanding Comics" (video)

TEDTalks: Scott McCloud—Understanding Comics (17:01) 

If not for Scott McCloud, graphic novels and webcomics might be enjoying a more modest Renaissance. The flourishing of cartooning in the ‘90s and ‘00s, particularly comic-smithing on the Web, can be traced back to his major writings on the comics form. His book Understanding Comics, a comic book about comics, has been translated into 13 languages and has made him an evangelist for comics as a valid literary form. McCloud coined the term “infinite canvas” for the new comics medium made possible with Web browsers. In this fun TEDTalk, McCloud bends the presentation format into a cartoon-like experience, where colorful diversions whiz through childhood fascinations and imagined futures. This captivating look at the magic of comics will prove to viewers why McCloud’s admiring fans include a laundry list of superstar cartoonists.

Source: TED
Item Number: 48395
Date Added: 07/19/2012
© 2009

"The Art of Spiegelman: From Raw, to Maus, and Beyond" (video)

The Art of Spiegelman: From Raw, to Maus, and Beyond (43:40)

“Every time I’m about to do a strip, it’s because I can’t avoid it, either because I need the money—in the old days—or now, because I just need to think something through, make it manifest.” In this program, Pulitzer Prize-winner Art Spiegelman—humble, humorous, and completely honest—talks about his life history and his creative process using New York City as a backdrop and family photos, clips from home movies, and panels from comic creations such as Maus, Raw magazine, and In the Shadow of No Towers as props. Françoise Mouly, Spiegelman’s wife and cover editor at The New Yorker, is interviewed as well. Contains instances of explicit language and imagery. (43 minutes)

Source: Wichita Films
Item Number: 43881
Date Added: 05/15/2012
© 2009

Select E-Books: Authors and Works

This is just a sample list of e-book titles available from the Las Positas College Library. 

Use the library's catalog to locate additional titles.