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Graphic Narratives and Novels: History and Definitions

A library research guide designed to support ENG 4 (Admassu) and the research and study of the graphic narrative genre, including graphic novels.

Selected Book and eBook Titles - Graphic Novel History

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"What is a graphic novel?" (by Jessica Abel)

what is a graphic novel by Jessica abel

what is a graphic novel image 2 by Jessica Abel

A comic strip by Jessica Abel from  Drawing Words & Writing Pictures.

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What are graphic novels? (video)

Alternate Literary Voices and Vehicles (28:50)

In the novel-driven world of popular fiction, graphic novels and short-short stories haven’t had much of a place—until recently. In this program, Art Spiegelman, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus; Giller Prize-finalist John Gould, writer of 55 fiction and palm-of-the-hand stories; and others who are daring to be different share their successes with these robust genres. Topics range from the influence of manga on the rise in popularity of graphic novels to a growing respect in literary circles for compressed forms of fiction. Portions of graphic novels by Spiegelman and others and readings by Gould are included. 

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Types of Graphic Novels

Text Messages Podcast
Episode 15 — "An Introduction to Graphic Novels"
(From NCTE's Read, Write, Think website)