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ECE 79: Teaching in a Diverse Society

Professor: N. Taylor

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Research Project

Learn more about the historical stories and events that impact our society and the educational experiences of children today.

*Choose one of the following research topics:

  • USA immigration laws and policies - When did the USA begin to require documentation and limits on how many people can immigrate?

  • The history of the right to marry in the USA - anti-miscegenation laws, gay marriage rights

  • Japanese internment during WWII

  • The history of the trans identity movement in the USA

  • Colorism in USA

  • Reconstruction, Jim Crow Laws and the Slave Codes

  • The genocide and relocation of indigenous tribes in USA

  • Role of religion in colonization in the USA and/or Latin America

  • ADA 30 years later - disabled inclusion laws in education

  • The history of American women's right to vote - for White women and then women of color

  • Racism & the generational accumulation of wealth

  • The War on Poverty

  • Why social security and anti-corruption laws were created

*Please see your instructor's assignment for specific details about the research project.

For all topics:

Include facts, policies, issues, or laws related to education, children, and families you found about your topic.

You will be answering 5 questions:

  • What are the important historical contexts, ideas, events, and policies related to your topic?
  • Identify and define important new terms related to the topic (you will find terms that are new to you)
  • How does this topic have a continuing impact on education in the US?
  • Are there recent episodes or events related to the topic that are important for us to know?
  • How does this information relate to what you’ve been learning about anti-bias education?

Here are some general questions to begin your research:

  • What was/is the issue?
  • When was/is the issue occurring?  Is it still happening today?  
  • Where was/is the issue happening?
  • Who was/is impacted by the issue?
  • Why was/is the issue happening?
  • How has the issue impacted education?

*Please see your instructor's assignment for specific details about the research project.